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Policy Matters

Apr 8, 2020

Global energy markets are in a melt-down.   The Coronavirus pandemic has sent oil demand into a downward spiral. And a nasty price war between Saudi Arabia and Russia is only intensifying the crisis. What has led to this unprecedented situation? What are its potential short- and long-term impacts?   And what can major players – including the United States – do to address the current turmoil in energy markets?

This special podcast is drawn from a webinar hosted by the Baker Institute on April 3 entitled “Pandemic, Price War and the World Petroleum Market.”   It features Institute Fellows Dr. Kenneth B. Medlock III , Dr. Jim Krane, and Mr. Mark Finley. Medlock is the James A. Baker, III, and Susan G. Baker Fellow in Energy and Resource Economics and Senior Director of the Institute’s Center for Energy Studies.   Krane is the Wallace S. Wilson Fellow for Energy Studies. Finley is the Fellow in Energy and Global Oil.