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Policy Matters

Sep 26, 2018

One year ago Hurricane Harvey swept through Houston and nearby areas with destructive force.   While efforts are underway to improve Houston’s resiliency to future storms, Harvey has raised profound questions about the city’s traditional emphasis on high growth.   What must happen – in terms of specific policies...

Sep 19, 2018

On July 1, tens of millions of Mexicans went to the polls.  They elected a new president, a congress, and thousands of state and local officials.  What are the ramifications in Mexico with the new administration?   What shifts will be seen in trade and energy policy?   What were the election’s salient issues?  What...

Sep 12, 2018

The Baker Institute is pleased to announce the second season of our Policy Matters podcast. Join us next week for our first episode with Dr. Tony Payan on Mexico’s recent historic elections. Listen here to host Joe Barnes on our new season.